“Introducing the New Hybrid RZ Clarinets! True Innovation, bringing you the best of both worlds.” 

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  • RZ unique highly esthetic FULL BODY ENGRAVING.
  • Typical RZ GOLDEN PILLARS for the highest professional models.
  • All directions (up-down, right-left) ADJUSTABLE THUMB HOLDER.
  • RZ Clarinets

    Czech handcrafted instruments. Sound meets perfection.

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About RZ Clarinets

The RZ Clarinets manufactured in our workshop are a genuine czech product following the famous tradition of hand crafted musical instruments in Kraslice.

They can be considered as a work of affection, beauty and mastery of highly skilled czech craftments, that provide the instrument with all their craftmanship and long-time experience. By right these instruments can take pride of having the predicate "czech hand made".

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