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Luxury Single Case Clarinet B♭


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SYNFOTECH barrels, bells and mouthpieces


Synfotech applies the technology of fiber composite to the music, with surprising results, and new forms of design applied to musical instruments.

In music, and in particular on wind instruments, the use of composite materials is rare. The complexity of the search for the best fiber, the construction of special molds and finding the best shape it has curbed the use. Synfotech managed with careful experimentation lasted many months, to find the right combination to get a surprising result, never achieved before.


  • greater ease of sound
  • better match dynamic
  • homogeneity of timbre in the various registers
  • best Intonation
  • each product is handcrafted using molds
  • expansion near zero to varying temperatures
  • less weight
  • shock resistance
  • anallergicity

We recommend the Gonzalez Reeds:

Clarinet Reeds:

  • Classic: Designed for classical music, and for the musician to quickly adapt to it. Is a cut that has been used by most manufacturers, but adding to that the typical quality of selection and control in Gonzalez manufacturing. They have typical filed of French reeds.
  • RC: They were designed for those clarinetists look-ing for a slightly bright sound, whether in classical or popular music. They adapt easily to the majority of the exist-ent mouthpieces, being able to consider it a universal cane. Its shallow shoulders have a closed half moon shape. This helps to maintain the tuning despite being an extremely flexible and spontaneous cane.
  • GD: They owe their name to the union of the Gonzalez and Davolos families, current owners of the company. Designed for great soloists who look for a higher and deeper sound. This is the result of a thicker blank, a larger diameter material than the standard clarinet reeds, a longer scraping area and more wood in the heel. Therefore is a more vibrant and lasting reed. It has a filed cut.
  • FOF: American cut, long and elastic scraping. Its pronounced conicity leaves the tip more free to vibrate, due to this it is necessary to take into account its centering when placing it.

The scraping is characterized by having a heart thicker than a classic reed. This is compensated for by being very pronounced in the shoulder area, which frees it in vibration, achieving an excellent balance between very deep treble and bass.


Saxophone Reeds:

  • Classic: Designed for the musician to quickly adapt to them, it is a cut that has been used by most manufacturers, but adding to this the typical quality of selection and control in manufacturing that characterize Gonzalez Reeds. They have the typical filed of the French canes.
  • RC: The scraping is in the most vibrant area of the cane and allows a very bright sound. His shallow shoulders draw a more closed half moon. This contributes to maintain the tuning in spite of being an extremely flexible and spontaneous reed.
  • Jazz Local 627: Conceived as a reed for this musical genre from the crop itself, the raw material used comes from plantations that have particular natural attributes, to which specific techniques are applied that achieve a more elastic and vibrant cane, characteristics that are accentuated by the type of cut. It is something that the musician will notice immediately. They have a longer scraping area, which gives them a brighter sound and a quick response.


CHEDEVILLE Mouthpieces


The Chedeville “Umbra” Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece creates a beautiful dark sound full of rich colors. The Umbra is darker in sound color than our Elite model and also has less resistance, a combination that is seldom found in a clarinet mouthpiece. Because the mouthpiece doesn’t add resistance, you will have no limits in dynamics, colors, or articulation.

“I am so happy to play the Chedeville Umbra because it is so sweet, dark, so full of colors like when you listen to Pavarotti. You have absolutely all kind of harmonics, you don’t have to force or push, and the vibration of the reed, the mouthpiece, the material, it’s connected with my heart.”

Milan Rericha – International Soloist, co-founder RZ Clarinets

No expense has been spared in creating the Chedeville Umbra model clarinet mouthpiece. Starting with our proprietary “Chedeville Rubber”, which is a more pure rod ebonite that recreates the great rod rubber of Pre World War II legendary Chedeville mouthpieces. If you don’t see the symbol CHR on the mouthpiece than it does not have “Chedeville Rubber” .

 The most advance form of digital scanning was used on a legendary vintage Chedeville mouthpieces to assure that we were starting with a true Chedeville mouthpiece “blank”. In the Umbra we have that Chedeville inner shape but we changed the bore slightly which gives it a very free blowing feel and we altered the chamber to give it it’s darkness.

We manufacture the mouthpieces from beginning to end in our factory in Savannah Georgia using state of the art CNC machines and expert mouthpiece craftsmen and women on the crucial and indispensable hand work.

Consistency is our obsession. That is why we have the most extensive series of mandatory measurements and play testing in the industry. 

A message from Jody Espina:

“We want to express enormous thanks to Milan Rericha for his encouragement and guidance of the UMBRA model. We met Milan for the first time at the 2019 Clarinet Fest in Knoxville Tennessee. Our Chedeville booth was right across from RZ Clarinet Booth where Milan was demonstrating the beautiful RZ Clarinets of which Milan is the owner. Milan is a magical player and we were thrilled when he tried our Chedeville Elite model mouthpiece. We were even more thrilled when he liked them enough that he bought two pieces.

Then later from the Czech Republic, Milan called me and said, “Jody, I love this Elite but can you make it darker and can you do this and that. I told him that I thought I could and after many versions and sending pieces back and forth from our factory in Savannah GA to the RZ Factory in the Czech Republic, we finally had the mouthpiece that Milan was dreaming of. I’m ecstatic because I love the Umbra as much as Milan does. For a musician of Milan’s stature to work with me like this and to have this result has been a dream come true.”


Pomarico DR Mouthpieces & Dmitrij Rybalko


Good day dear friends,
Today I am very happy and proud to present to your attention the Pomarico DR mouthpieces. This is a new model developed by me with the world-famous company Pomarico (Italy), which has been manufacturing crystal mouthpieces for 70 years. The main material of these mouthpieces is Tuscan crystal, which makes them
immune to fluctuations in temperature and humidity. Thanks to this, they do not lose their original properties over time! Pomarico DR have an excellent sound projection, stable intonation and charming surround sound. Clear articulation and easy dynamic control are their distinctive features! With them, it is easy to achieve a warm, refined timbre.

Pomarico DR is available in 3 models:
S 1.09-1.11
M 1,14-1,16
L 1,19-1,21 
These mouthpieces are perfectly combined with Legere synthetic canes, and complement each other!
Pomarico DR - "New sensations in good traditions!"

Dmitrij Rybalko




RZ - Magoo Barrels & Bells

Student & Intermediate series

Klarinetten Birnen und Becher sind für jeden Klarinettenspieler sehr wichtig. Egal ob es ein
professioneller oder Amateur Spieler ist, die richtige Birne oder Becher kann den Klang der Klarinette
dramatisch verbessern. Eine neue Birne kann die Tonhöhe korrigieren und den Klang heller, weicher,
dunkler und professineller klingen lassen.

Magoo Klarinetten Birnen

Die Metallringlose Grenadille magoo Klarinetten Birne erzeugt einen unverwechselbaren
vollmundigen, weichen bis brillanten Klang.
Der Widerstand und Fokus und einer unglaublichen Leichtigkeit der Artikulation im gesamten Bereich
der Tonskala ist diese Birne eine grossartige Option für die Spieler die einen vollen und klaren Ton
suchen und wünschen.

Die magoo Hybrid Birne ist eine Erfindung aus der magoo,, Werkstatt.
Die reine Cocobolo Birne ist sehr weich und lieblich im Klang wobei die Artikulation nicht gleich direkt
ist wie bei einer Grenadille Birne. Mit vielen und verschiedene Versuchen ist es gelungen den Klang
wie bei der Cocobolo und Artikulation und der Grenadille Birne beizubehalten.
Erhältlich sind die magoo Birnen in allen Längen und auf Wunsch auch für Deutsche Klarinetten.

Magoo Klarinetten Becher

Der magoo Klarinettenbecher aus Grenadille ist eine Offenbarung für diejenige die sie spielen:
einfacher, raffinierter, hemmungsloser……
Der Becher wurde ohne Metallringe entwickelt um die Schwingungen zu erhöhen. Damit verbessert
man den Klang und einen reibungsloser Übergang zwischen den Registern.

Der magoo Cocobolo Becher, Modell Milan Rericha, ist mit einem Grenadille Becherring .

Auch hier wie bei der Hybrid Birne können wir den Klang weicher und lieblicher verändern ohne die
direkte Artikulation zu verlieren.