RZ Solo 

The RZ Solo Clarinets is not only the new RZ-high-end-model featuring beautiful design with silverplated keys and goldplated pillars and fine engravings, but also the first clarinet with a special 'no-crack'-mechanism (RZ-patent). The sound of each Solo-clarinet appears full, colorful and 'dolce', bearing resemblance to the so called 'individual soloist expression', providing easy and comfortable playing throughout the registers.

RZ Solo 

Grenadilla wood, unstained finish | 2 replaceable pieces for upper joint based on RZ-patent 'no-crack' included (1 grenadilla, 1 ebonite) | Leather pads, adjustable thumb rest | Silver plated keys with gold plated pillars | Optionally completely gold plated keywork | Attachment of the flaps between the posts on a concurrent axis | Adjusting screws on different keys Carbon rings | 2 barrels, RZ case, RZ cleaning set


RZ-CL11401-0 Bb, 440/442Hz, 18 keys, 6 rings
RZ-CL11402-0 Bb, 440/442Hz, 18 keys, 6 rings, GOLD EDITION  
RZ-CL11501-0 A, 440/442Hz, 18 keys, 6 rings
RZ-CL11502-0 A, 440/442Hz, 18 keys, 6 ring, GOLD EDITION

All models are available with a low F correction key.