Clarinet ensemble KLARIART also known under its Czech name Clarinet Ensemble ZUŠ Krnov is a unique and only student clarinet orchestra in the Czech Republic. Under the leadership of Mgr. Pavlin Panayotov has been working for 10 years as a part of the Elementary Art School Krnov, in the Moravian-Silesian Region. At present, the orchestra has 16 clarinetists of different ages and all are students of the Mr. Panayotov's clarinet class

E-clarinets, C-clarinet, B-clarinets, Alto-clarinet and Bass clarinets this all clarinets are playing the members of this great orchestra. His repertoire is reach, from baroque to jazz music. Most of the music is arranged and dedicated directly to KLARIART.

KLARIART has given many successful and important concerts. They have repeatedly performed with important orchestras and philharmonic orchestras in the Czech Republic (Brno, Ostrava, Prague - Czech Philharmonic). They were selected for the National Wind Orchestra and performed at prestigious concerts in the Prague Rudolfinum and Prague Castle. Many members of the orchestra are winners of national clarinet competitions.

Future projects of this ensemble include the cooperation of an international project in memory of the important Czech composer Karel Svoboda, under the name "Karel Svoboda Medley".

In September 2020, Clarinet ensemble KLARIART, as the first student clarinet orchestra in the world, became the official RZ Artist-ensemble and established intensive cooperation and partnership with RZ woodwind manufacturing s.r.o.

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