plays on the RZ Heirassa Hybrid


Anna Brezániová is a graduate of the Conservatory in Žilina (Slovakia), the Academy of Arts in Banská Bystrica (Slovakia) from clarinet-class of Mgr. art. Ronald Šebesta, ArtD. She also graduated from the study of applied mathematics at the University of Žilina. She is the holder of several awards in the Slovak Conservatory Students' Competitions. She is an active player in various brassbands within the Association of Brass Music of Slovakia. She is the co-founder and artistic director of the chamber ensemble AdHoc Orchestra (2010). She is concerned with the arrangement of classical, film and polular music for AdHoc and she performs with the band regularly across Slovakia. She has performed with Trio Avante at many concerts in Slovakia. She is an active chamber player. She has regularly participated in domestic master interpretation courses and music competitions. She is currently engaged in teaching activities at the Ferek Špáni Music School (2013) and at the Conservatory in Žilina (2017).

Anna plays on the RZ Heirassa Hybrid.